Sunday, November 17, 2013

Old Ringtones Perfect Choice for your Mobile Phone

Why Old Ringtones?

Many people choose modern ringtones for their mobile phones. Weather its sound for incoming call, or sound for text message, or reminder sound-these people choose modern sounds. This could be latest No 1 chart songs of different music styles (pop, rock, rhytm and blues..) or it could be audio files designed particularly for ring tone. People who like modern sounds for ring tones are usually in  next groups: teens, students, young professionals (yuppies)-these are individuals who follow trends, know what is the latest No1 in everything: ring tones included!

On the other hand, there is a group of people who like a classic. These are people who love old ringtones, and often choose a classic ringing sound, the one that „old phones“ had in previous two centuriesPeople loving old ringtones love Classic values, and don’t hold much for changing ringtones every time some new popular song appears on the music charts.

Old ringtones are piano ringtones, jazz ringtones and other sounds that revive sounds from previous times. These sounds are traditional, calming, with artistic value that is long-lasting, unlike most of the modern sounds.
Even though youngsters might lift their eyebrows when your mobile phone starts ringing, you are probably individual who will not pay attention to this-you are stylish “old timer”-and you are proud of it!

Old People Love Old Ringtones:

It is simple as that: old people love old ring tones. Why is that? Well, in most cases simply because old ring tones are so loud you can’t miss them. Old people love the fact that they will definitely hear when someone calls them, or when they receive a text message on mobile phone. Old ring tones are intensive and unavoidable, which is in the case of older people, positive quality.

This quality is great plus for reminders: old people will be sure that they will not miss some important event or something important to do (like, reminder to take pill) thanks to classic old ring tone that will remind them of scheduled activity. Old ringtones remind older people of old times. They make them feel comfortable about using mobile phones, which is also important quality, considering the fact that older people tend to avoid novelties and stick to old values, so to speak.

Downloading Old Ringtones:

It is easy to download old ringtones. There are numerous web pages that enable you to download ring tones for free, no charge included. You will be instructed step by step how to download ringtone you like to your mobile phone. These websites enable you also to first play the tone to hear it and decide weather you like it, before you choose to download it. After that, you just have to choose an appropriate audio format, the one that will be functional on your mobile phone. As you probably know, mobile phones come with different audio format available, so you have to make sure that you are downloading ringtone in appropriate format.