Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Best Ever Classical Ringtones in the World

Classic Telephone Ringtones:

Some people found that all the fancy telephone ring tones were getting annoying. Hence, they went for the classical ringing bell instead. This sounds like a normal phone, but only if you were born well before the 1990s, because no phone still sounds like that today. Various surveys have now shown that this is actually the most popular and best instrumental ringtones.
Baby Got Back:
Baby Got Back is a 1992 song by Sir Mixalot. The words for the ringtone have been changed, however, to say “Pick up the phone!” instead. This one has to make it onto the list of classical ringtones, because it was one of the very first that remixed a popular song. Interestingly, the brains behind this one are once again Jamba, who also did the Crazy Frog.

R2D2 sounds, from the Star Wars movies, are also very popular. They are great, because they are quite loud and easy to hear. Furthermore, they are robotic enough to not come across as tacky, as some of the novelty ringtones do, making these suitable for people from all walks of life (including the businessmen who are still stuck on their Nokia ringtone). There are several versions of the R2D2 ringtone, each one being a different sound made by the little robot.
Nokia Dying Remix:
Nokia has to enter the list of ringtones once more with the Nokia Dying Remix. Some people know it as the flat battery remix. It is a remix of the sound that old Nokias make when the phone starts to run out of batteries. However, in the ringtone, the sound keeps on going until it goes flat (which sounds as if the batteries are running out as we speak) or explodes. This is quite a humorous one, because mobile phone users will all agree that the flat battery warning — on all makes and models of mobiles — are seriously annoying.
CTU Ringtone:
The CTU ringtone comes from the popular TV show 24. The phones in the offices in this series have a highly recognizable tone and this has now been transformed into a ringtone for various s other devices. Although this is perhaps not a classical ringtone yet, it is likely that it will soon become one, which is why it does deserve some special mention.
iPhone Ringtone
Piano Old people ringtones
iPhone Piano Ringtones
Last but not least, special mention has to go to the iPhone piano ringtones. The iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs back in the beginning of 2007. When he demonstrated the device, it had a certain ringtone set to it, and this particular ringtone was available for download well before the iPhone was available for sale. It is still the standard ringtone for any new iPhones to this day, and the most positive description ever received of this particular sound is that it is like “holy angels tinkling. Whether this is a description released by an Apple employee isn’t entirely clear, but the description seems to have stuck, as people immediately know which ringtone is meant when they hear that phrase.

These are the 10 best known classical ringtones of all times. It is highly unlikely that you would be able to find anybody that isn’t familiar with these. However, not everybody knows the story behind them, which is generally more interesting than most people actually realize.