Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let’s Create a Song to Be Set as Default Ringtone

Here is what we can apply to create the best ringtone instead of downloading the ringtone. Let’s go with it and get the whole procedure started.
There are so many apps that let us create or design the best ringtone on our phone. No one of us have the access to the required folders on the iPhone and eventually fail to save some tones directly and get them appeared in the list of tones. We shall create new ringtone instead of the free ringtones download.
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v  On the PC, we load the iTunes with opening the Start menu and choosing the program from that list.
v  From the library, we clicked on the right of the mouse on the song that we want to use as one of our ringtones. We selected Get Info
v  Just selected the options tab and make the start time on by giving a tick mark, also stop the time box. We entered times at which we can see the time to start and stop. The time of stopping must be within the limit of 30 seconds. This will be the highest length of a ringtone.
v  Now we shall click OK. Now we again right-click on the track, we select the version where written “Create AAC Version”. Machine will convert the song. We can anytime identify it by tracking the length of it in the format of seconds.
v  Now we are to right-click on the track which is original, and then we use the option tab from the line “Get Info Menu” to their real time we return the start and stop times. Whenever we play the track this will only play the section between our start and stop time.
v  This time right click on the ringtone track clicking show in windows Explorer.
v  We shall follow that the file will already be highlighted. Then, we right-clicked on this and selected the button "Rename". Afterward, we can change the extension from m4a to m4r. We have to click yes while willing to change the extension. Window is set for hiding the extensions. There is instruction written. We shall follow these.
v  Now we double click the file to our iTunes library. Then in iTunes, we’ll click the drop-down arrow to choose the tones section of our library. We shall see the ringtone here.
v  Now we connect our Smartphone to the PC and iphone will be clicked by us when this would appear on the right-hand side of iTunes. We shall make sure that the tone is set to sync with my phone.
v  Finally we’ll tap settings on the iPhone, when the sync is finished. Then sounds and then again Ringtone and then choose the newer tone. It will conclusively appear at the top of list above all the ringtones that are set default.


Thus we can get the result of creating the best ringtone which would do by creating the free ringtones download.

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